University of Hamburg Mineralogical Museum of the University of Hamburg

During our opening hours the visitor of the museum has the possibility to receive professional assessment of minerals, gemstones, rocks, meteorites and ores of their own findings following an agreement over the phone (contact). If the assessment can be done without the complexity of special apparatus it will be free of charge.

Official expert reports and/or complex assessments of visitor’s findings are with costs (contact).

The identification of fossils is done by the Geological-Paleontological Museum. The assessment of archaeological and anthropogenic findings is done by the Helms-Museums Hamburg-Harburg.

The Mineralogical Museum Hamburg offers certificates of authenticity of gemstones and pearls for the public. Those assessments require special appointments and are subject to a charge.

The Mineralogical Museum Hamburg does not provide any information on the true value of mineralogical objects (gemstones, pearls, minerals)!

Imprint (german) | Last update 27. June 2018 by R. Kurtz