University of Hamburg Mineralogical Museum of the University of Hamburg

The Mineralogical Museum presents 1500 objects of its mineralogical collection to the public. The exhibition is housed in a two storey gallery covering an area of 450 m² and the objects are decoratively displayed in illuminated cabinets.

The presentation of mineralogical collections to the public has a long history. Prior to 1907 the collection was displayed, together with other natural science objects, in the Natural History Museum at the Steintorwall. Due to lack of space the collection was shifted to the Mineralogical-Geological State Institute at the Lübecker Tor (1907). Three years later, the senator Werner von Melle inaugurated there the Mineralogical-Geological Museum. In 1933 the collection was moved to the Esplanade 1a and during the Second World War the collection needed to be evacuated to a safe place. Following the end of the war the collection was removed to the Esplanade. However, due to damages to the building caused by the war, the collection was transferred (1958) to a newly constructed building, the Mineralogical Institute, Grindelallee 48. In 1969 the public exhibition was re-opened.

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